A lot of people store their videos and photos either on Google Drive or Google Photos(or both), both of which are secure and easy to access.

Some of these people are professional bloggers(you might be one as well) and store the content of their articles along with any photos or videos on Google Drive. To help such bloggers, we have created this detailed guide on how to take a direct URL of any photo/video and use it to embed the photo/video in your blog post.

Please follow the following step-by-step guide:

Create a Folder on Google Drive

Open Google Drive, using this link. In the upper left corner press “New”, then select “New folder” from the list, and set a name for this folder.

Make the Folder Public

You have to make the folder(you have just created) public so that anyone on the internet(with the link of this folder) can access it. This is done so that any picture that you add in this folder will also become public and as a result, these pictures can be seen on the blog post by anyone.

First right-click on the folder and choose “Share” from the list. In the lower right corner, click “Advanced”. A window will appear. Press “Change” and choose “On – Public on the web”. Press “Save” and then press “Done”.

Upload the Content

Open the folder by double-clicking on it and upload your photos/videos there. You can either “drag and drop” your content(photos/videos) or you can click on “New” in the upper left corner and select “File Upload” to upload the content.

Get the URL ID of the Image

When you are in the folder, right-click on the image/video you want to add to your blog post and choose “Allow URL Access”. This will generate a URL, copy that URL. Now copy the id from this URL, it is the part after ‘id=’ in the URL. Like the one highlighted below:


Get the Direct Image URL

This is the last step, in which we create a direct link to be used in the blog post. Paste the ID you have just copied in this URL:

http://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=INSERT YOU ID HERE

Paste the resulting URL into the address bar of your browser. After the page has been loaded, you will see an image/video that you wanted to embed in your blog post. Copy the URL of the image/video from the address bar and this URL can be used to embed the image/video in the blog post.


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