Flipboard is a savvy tool that lets you create magazines by collecting content from around the web and adding them in one place. It also lets users share content with their friends and family. Flipboard is available as a free mobile app available for both Android and iOS as well as on the Web. It has a very user-friendly interface that lets you add content to your space in just one click.

If you are like me, Flipboard should be your new best friend. It has a bunch of qualities, like shifting from one news page to another is quite effortless, the content loads very fast(even faster than Google Currents), it has a super-clean design which gives you a great visual experience. This app can be considered the world’s first social app designed for bloggers. Furthermore, it works on social media apps too like Facebook and Youtube.

Let’s see some of the major benefits of using Flipboard App:

Content Curation

Flipboard is quite customizable even for a content curator. It organizes your articles and hundreds of irrelevant tools so that you don’t have to waste time reading everything. You choose from FlipTech, Twitter lists, Facebook or other curated sites and limit what you want to see and read the most. If you are following a large number of people on Twitter, you don’t have to scroll twitter endlessly and you can just customize Flipboard to see the posts of the people you interact with the most.

Keep Yourself Up-to-date to Your Industry

Whether you are aspiring to create a personal or a corporate brand, Flipboard’s great for you. By customizing the app to only see the content you are interested in, you can stay up-to-date with the pressing issues in your industry, grow your knowledge base and stand out among your peers. Furthermore, the app has a “Topic Classifier” section that has millions of RSS feeds and articles shared by the users.

Social Media App for Bloggers

Aside from being able to read articles, you can like, comment and add content to your magazines. You can share these magazines with other people, where they can leave comments and add their own stories. The more active you are, the more you are visible in the Flipboard community. You can also make your magazines public and people all around the world can view them. People can follow and read your future articles. This way you are gathering a large following in the app.

Get Traffic to Your Blog

The potential to bring traffic to your site through Flipboard is huge. Most of the bloggers share their articles on Flipboard and bring daily traffic to their sites. But bringing traffic isn’t an easy task to accomplish. First, you have to create content on a daily basis and be active on Flipboard. You have to create magazines that people are interested in so that they subscribe to you. When you have a large enough subscriber base, you can share your own blog articles and earn money by sharing other bloggers’ articles on your magazine. Also, Flipboard will send your blog posts to people who expressed interest in your article topic.

Flipboard for Content Marketing

Even though your magazine readers can get overwhelmed by a large number of promotional content, you can sneak it in once in a while. A good method is to share three to four third-party, along with one of your own, informative articles and one soft-sell or hard-sell promotion. If your readers can view value in the content you share, readers can overlook a few promotional pieces and even support you by being the buyers.

Discuss Ideas with Clients

When your team is in the idea generation stage and needs to collaborate with the clients a lot, everything can be a bit messy and up in the air while discussing concepts. Flipboard can be a helping hand in bringing clarity to the table. You can create a magazine and ask your clients to add stories and content representing the direction they’d like to go in. Even later in the stages of the project, you can ask them to share content related to the issues they are facing at the moment. Using this research, you can get a clear idea about clients’ preferences and map out some ideas.


Flipboard is a growing platform for both consumers and publishers like you and me. Flipboard’s user base has grown a lot in the past and they will only continue to grow(if nothing goes wrong). Whether you are a blogger, a content marketer or just a student wanting to make money online, you would do well by joining Flipboard right away. Flipboard is a great way to increase your online presence and be a source of blog traffic. Even if you are a consumer, it helps you organize all your social media content and web articles well and saves a lot of your time by curating your content.


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