Anything that adds value to the reader’s life is considered good content. And that’s the goal of every content creator. You know that your brand is providing value to your readers when they like, comment and share your content. The more engaged the users are, the more value you provide. But creating engagement is not an easy task. Aside from creative content, it takes unified effort and consistency from everyone in your team to earn reader engagement.

Although aspiring to create engagement in the content can be downright exhausting, if it’s done right, it’s completely worth it. Whether you are creating videos, infographics, images, infographics or blog posts, here are a few quick tips for creating engagement.

Know Your Audience

Who’s your target audience? What’s the volume of your audience traffic? Which countries are most active on your content site?

These are all the questions that you need to consider and create personas for. A visitor persona is a research-based fictional representation of your audience. For example, Jeff is a very active visitor to your site and comments and shares your content. He is from America. He is 32 years old and is mostly interested in Tech Niche. Now, this Jeff is a persona that represents a portion of your traffic. Just like this, you will create personas for other portions and design your strategy considering each customer persona.

Some of the important points to take note of to create personas:

  • Where does your customer persona lives
  • What is their nationality
  • Their age and gender
  • What niche they are interested in
  • Education level, job title, etc.
  • Are they a potential buyer

Show That You Care About Your Audience

Once you have created your visitor personas and know them better, you should ask yourself: Do I care about my audience? Asking this question is important. Because you need to sympathize with your audience and treat them like they are your friends to create content they’ll be engaged in.

When you are having a meeting with your team to create a new blog post, video or infographic, etc., don’t start by asking the question, “How do we create engaging content?” Instead, ask questions that are customer-centered like:

  • What problems are our audience facing and how can we solve them?
  • How to provide value to the customer’s life through our products/services?
  • How can we produce content that will inspire them and brighten their day?

Another thing to do is to consider the content from the user’s perspective and ask questions like, “Would I like it on Social Media? Would I take my time out to comment on it? Would I share it with others?” If you genuinely care about your customers and show it in your content creation strategy, they will see that the content was designed keeping them in mind.

Grab Their Attention

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, an average human being has an attention span of 8 seconds. And those 8 seconds are the most crucial ones because they’ll decide whether a visitor is going to stay on your site or not. In the content marketing industry, everybody keeps grabbing customer’s attention to the top of their priority list. But not all marketers end up earning visitor’s valuable attention.

You can pick anything on popular sites like Youtube and Facebook and you’ll see that you have to be creative to grab your audience’s attention. Even if your product is dull, dramatic engagement will change everything.

Headlines Count a Lot

Some people only focus on their content and ignore the headlines, while experts suggest that we should spend almost as much time on headings as you do on content. Some people don’t even look at your content and decide whether they want to stay or not based on the headlines(or video titles, tweets, email subject lines, etc).

Unless your headlines stand out enough to seize your visitor’s attention, your comment section will be as vacant as Google Search’s second page. Here are a few ways to write attention-grabbing content:

  • Make your audience laugh
  • Shock your audience with an amusing headline
  • Start with “How to”, because people always love to learn
  • Use negative headlines like, “The 5 Worst Marketing Strategies”, because people would like to avoid them
  • Add a statistic in your headline to impress your audience
  • Be urgent with something like, “Grab this chance before it goes away”


Even though creating engaging content is arduous, it’s worth it. Engagement is complex, especially since you have to keep in mind multiple personas while creating content but if you are creative and consistent enough, you’ll get rewarded. Content marketers need to learn how to simplify big ideas, think long-term, appeal to emotions and create messages people find valuable. Engagement not only has short-term benefits but also creates a loyal audience over time.


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