In today’s fast-paced world, months and years feel like a few days. People want to document every memorable moment of their lives and a good snapshot keeps moments from running away.

But instead of carrying a DSLR everywhere, people can have cameras with similar capabilities right in their pockets. That’s right, we have smartphones. But the pre-installed camera apps aren’t that prominent to obtain the best kind of pictures.

Thankfully, we have a wide range of camera apps available to us for the Android platform, some of which carry all the necessary photography features and give you the snaps you desire. So, without further ado, here are the best camera apps for Android and all of them are free!

Google Camera (GCam)

Google Camera is Google’s proprietary Android camera app which is the default camera app in all the Google Pixel devices. But it is also available to download on other Android devices, from Google Playstore. It’s hard to look at one of Google’s products and not be impressed by it, Google Camera is just the same.

It has a lot of impressive features like the portrait mode, HDR+, lens blur mode, slow motion, video stabilization and more. Some of the supported devices can also have the recent Night Sight feature, which allows users to capture great shots even in the dark.

All things considered, we have found Google Camera to be the best camera app for Android. However, there are some compatibility limitations. You can only use this app on smartphones running at least Android 7.1.1 and smartphones with multiple cameras might face some issues (as Google Pixel phones only have one lens). Otherwise, it’s completely free and top-notch. You can also get some restricted features by installing the moded versions of the app.

A Better Camera

When deciding for the app to take the top position in the list, “A Better Camera” and Google Camera often switched places. This app really delivers on its name. The sort of neat features that this camera is equipped with, any photo enthusiast would love it.

A Better Camera has a wide range of modes like multi-shot mode, object removal, night mode, HDR mode and more. It also comes with a manual mode, for the users who aren’t professional photographers. What makes this app stand out is the “Best Mode”, which picks the best shot after taking a series of photos.

A Better Camera also possesses awesome functionalities in the video domain. These features include white balance lock, time-lapse, focus lock and many others. The only drawback this app has is that some of the features are paid and you have to buy the premium version(which is just $0.99) to enjoy the full set of functionalities.

Camera FV-5

If you are an experienced photographer who wants DSLR-like manual controls, Camera FV-5 is the ideal choice. It has a lot of manual controls like light-metering focus, ISO, exposure, shutter speed, white balance a lot more.

Once you have everything dialed in, you also have the freedom to shoot in lossless PNG, RAW and RGB histogram formats. This gives you the power to tinker with photos with editing software. Not to mention, the interface is really convenient and intuitive.

So, you don’t really have to be an experienced photographer to use this app. One downside of this app is that it is paid(at $3.95), and the free version produces low-quality images. However, with the degree of freedom you get with this app, it’s well worth the money.

Camera MX

Camera MX is one of the oldest and most popular camera apps, but it has been consistently updated. It is a full-featured app that offers plenty of handy features. This interface is user-friendly and easy to use. It gives you complete control over creating sharp images and producing images with various resolutions.

It gives you the ability to make live shots, GIFs, animated photos and videos with tons of filters, effects and frames. It also has a built-in photo editor, so you don’t need editing software to further enhance your photos. One of its cool features is the ‘Shoot The Past’ option, which lets you select the perfect moment for the photo, even after you have taken the picture. Although it has a wide range of cool features to tweak with, it doesn’t provide too much manual control and lacks a few DSLR features.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera has been around for quite a few years and it is one of the most popular selfie apps in the world, with over 100 million downloads and 3.5 million reviews. It comes with a diverse range of beautifying filters. If you are a selfie lover, you must be familiar with this app.

It comes with features that can make you slim, add mascara or put some lipstick on your face or add stickers to your pictures. You can also take single shots and combine them to create a collage of multiple photos. It is completely free but comes with ads. Candy Camera has enough features to satisfy a selfie lover, however, it is not the most desired app for a serious photographer.



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