In today’s digital world, we are becoming less and less creative. Everything is just a single google search away. If we have a question about how to do a certain task, we look online and copy the content with a slight alteration. Through this process, we are losing our sense of creativity. There is no need for users to learn creativity, we just have to inspire it in daily practice.

We have written this article, especially for students, because it is at this stage that we start losing creativity and doing assigned work by copying others. Teachers should ensure ways to foster learning experiences and build a culture of creativity. They should shift student’s accentuation from answering the right to encouraging different and unique ideas.

Once teachers have made ways to foster a creative culture and encourage creative thinking, there are apps that can help students in their creative thinking. Let’s go over them.

To Capture Ideas

You must have noticed that some of your ideas and inspirations come about when you are busy with other things like taking a shower, washing dishes or driving, and aren’t really trying to think up anything. You mind work on ideas when it wanders between the subconscious and conscious thoughts.

Digital journaling helps students to tap into these ideas and document them. There are apps that help record our internal conversations and merge text with features such as photography, sketches, and video recording. For example, in order to capture the thoughts that appear on a whiteboard or a paper, students can use photography. Then these digital notes can be assigned search tags which creates links between ideas. The recommended apps to do this are:

To Brainstorm

Once you have documented your thoughts and ideas, the next step is brainstorming. The most crucial element of brainstorming is the absence of criticism. All judgment, whether positive or negative, must be held up until the end of the idea generation. If attention is directed to one idea, attention is lost.

Online brainstorming provides a space for collaboration, as well as helps students catch ideas and build fluent thinking. It also allows students more time to think and process the proposed ideas. There are also apps that allow students to brainstorm alone and generate ideas on their own before the gathering. Once students come together as a group, they present a diverse set of options and decision making is much more smooth. The recommended apps for this are:

To Get Visual

Another way of generating powerful ideas is by doodling. There are drawing apps that remain fast, flexible and fluent and reduce the desire to create something appealing. One might think that doodling is an off-task behavior but in reality, it keeps student’s mind focused on listening, which is very good in lectures. Students should not put thinking into doodling and the sketches should be open and unfinished.

Another way of generating ideas is to combine different thoughts and concepts into one. Apps that allow people to quickly crop, resize, combine, layer and reassemble images in a variety of configurations, like making a collage, are a practical medium of idea combination. After the modification has been done, a quick image save will document your idea. The recommended apps for doing this are:

To Inquire Questions

A key element of being creative is to have the ability to sense problems and gaps in information and frame questions. The questions take shape throughout the process and are constantly used to establish the criteria and remain focused during the learning. Mind mapping can create a flexible process that will help in version control of problem statements and questions. The recommended apps for doing this are:


In order to encourage creativity, we should demystify the creative process and model it. Most creative ideas are always generated by letting unusual ideas flow before questioning and reshaping them. Use the apps recommended above to amplify your creative energy, dive deep into the creative process and resurface with astounding ideas.


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